ACADEMICS at St. John’s Lutheran School

Academics at St. John’s Lutheran School provide a challenging yet developmentally appropriate environment for each grade. Students are well prepared for a future of servant leadership in their communities. Each year our school renews its efforts to provide the best in the total child’s education while preparing for a future of servant leadership.

Developing Minds.

Serving Communities.

Growing in Faith.


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Our Preschool & Transitional Kindergarten serves children ages 3, 4, and 5 with half-day and school-day program options in a loving and nurturing environment. The program follows our school schedule from August to June, with summer camp offered from June to August, allowing children to attend full-time if needed.

  • Certified, experienced teachers lovingly nurture each child’s social, emotional, developmental, academic, and spiritual growth.
  • Creative play is incorporated with traditional, interactive “circle time” learning.
  • Weekly endeavors include Bible stories, library, art, and gym activities.
  • “Partner Time” with older elementary students enhances the environment and instruction while providing meaningful memories.
  • Our curriculum is Bible-based and Jesus-Centered, with teachers utilizing materials and curriculum guidance from various resources.
  • Transitional Kindergarten students may use computers with various educational learning software and Internet-based educational games.
  • Students are challenged with developmentally appropriate preparation for Kindergarten at St. John’s.

If you would like to schedule a tour to learn more about our Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten programs, please call 336-725-1651.

St. John’s Lutheran School has a well-known reputable kindergarten program that includes:

  • Developmentally appropriate instruction
  • Accelerated components for more advanced students
  • One-to-one remediation for students when needed
  • Variety of teaching methods for individual learning
  • Phonics-based reading program
  • Sight word recognition
  • Sentence and paragraph writing, including D’Nealian handwriting
  • Math
  • Daily Bible stories to teach the love of God and daily prayer
  • Individual assessment to determine first-grade readiness
  • Small class size
  • Weekly Chapel, Computer, Phys. Ed. and Art classes
  • Community Service learning opportunities

Note: After-school care program available for an additional cost

If you would like to schedule a tour to learn more about our Kindergarten program, please contact our front office, Autumn Beard by email at or call 336-725-1651, ext. 115.

While strong academics are a given, St. John’s is a great place…

  • to grow in Christ — developing the heart as well as the mind
  • to get involved — through participation in sports, drama and other extracurricular activities
  • to be in service to others — and having many opportunities to do so
  • for personalized attention — with small enough class-sizes for flexibility in approaches to teaching

The grade school program offers a solid academic foundation for your child while providing a safe environment for social and emotional growth and development.

If you would like to schedule a tour to learn more about our Grade School program, please contact our front office, Autumn Beard by email at or call 336-725-1651, ext. 115.

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  • Religious instruction is meant to point students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Students become familiar with God’s Word through Bible stories and meaningful memory verses they can keep close in their hearts and minds.
  • Teachers guide students in applying lessons to their daily lives and equip them with the knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • The principles taught in Religion classes, faith in Jesus Christ and the message of the Gospel, and a Christian worldview are fully integrated into all subjects at St. John’s

Primary Grades (1-3)

  • Designed to teach children through a balance of systematic direct instruction and the explicit development of skills, interrelating all components for a total Language Arts program, including reading, grammar, writing composition, spelling, phonics, listening & speaking, and penmanship.

Upper Grades (4-5)

  • Students are exposed to quality authors and their works that offer models for the sequential development of written and oral skills.
  • Students are encouraged to question, reflect, predict, and think critically. This results in a student’s awareness of reading being a relevant and enjoyable process. Our goal is to create a community of readers and writers.

Primary Grades (1-3)

  • Provides a balanced approach to developing proficiency in age-appropriate math skills and concepts.
  • As an active, investigative process, math involves children on a physical, cognitive, and emotional level.
  • A hands-on approach stimulates curiosity about math and helps develop an understanding of the importance of math in society and is taught as a lifetime skill.
  • Computation and critical-thinking skills are taught in a relevant way to children.
  • Program objectives are for all students to know basic concepts of mathematical processes and apply these concepts and principles to new situations and in problem-solving by accessing prior knowledge.

Upper Grades (4-5)

  • Emphasizes mathematical applications and problem-solving skills through a firm foundation and understanding of basic concepts and operations.
  • Both conceptual understanding and computational competency develop in progression by building on previous knowledge.
  • Over time, by reinforcing awareness that math is meaningful and relevant in real-life situations, students gain respect for the significance of mathematics in their lives.

Primary Grades (1-3)

  • The Social Studies program uses facts, concepts, generalizations, and moral and valuable instruction to promote responsible citizenship.
  • Students bring personal ideas, attitudes, and skills into the classroom.
  • They share common experiences and similarities, mature in similar growth patterns, and share many common cultural experiences.
  • The Social Studies education allows students to study their expanding environment from their own families to the world’s diverse cultures. Therefore, children develop interpersonal skills and knowledge, which helps them interact and communicate with their peers and develop the resourcefulness needed to participate in a worldwide environment.

Upper Grades (4-5)

  • Students learn about their state and country’s historical beginnings and subsequent development.
  • Early civilizations and their contributions to society today are covered.
  • Students are expected to develop an appreciation of other cultures in our global community.
  • Basic geographical skills enable them to understand the physical world and man’s place in it.

Our students experience a hands-on program with scheduled lab activities. Our program integrates science with other curriculum areas such as mathematics, language arts, and social studies.

The science program at St. John’s strives to increase each child’s knowledge and understanding of God’s wondrous creation, the interrelationships of things in this creation, and the child’s place in all of it.

  • Students are introduced to numerous applications that provide them with technology skills such as keyboarding, word processing, internet research, and more.
  • Regular emphasis is placed on net etiquette and safety.
  • Students are assisted in developing their reading skills through the use of the school subscription to the Accelerated Reader program.
  • As students begin their primary elementary years the focus shifts from free play on computers to using the computer to develop basic skills in language and mathematics. Students also begin to learn the basics of computer operation.
  • Upper elementary students begin to recognize the use of computers and the internet for research and begin to understand how to use them to enhance their learning.
  • Students also learn the basics of computer operation, components, and functions of hardware (Mac-based).

Additional Components of the St. John’s Lutheran School curriculum include Music, Drama, Art, and Physical Education.

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